WGWP Radio Broadcast:

Current Stations: Season 3

Matt Anderson and Malcolm Motley

Each team will be creating their own radio broadcast. It is your goal to be the radio station that has the greatest amount of listeners. Teams must complete each of the tasks listed below and meet project deadlines. In order to meet deadlines and work effectively as a team each team member must work on different tasks. Read directions and rubrics together and decide which person is going to be responsible for which tasks. If one person is watching the other work on the computer you will not be successful.

Phase 1: Brand Identity, Work Space, and Resources
Deadline: Rubrics must be printed with team member's names and turned into tray by Tue, 12-15
To invite Ms. Krasun to your wiki use the following: ms.krasun@gmail.com

Brand Identity: Name, logo, slogan(s), blog, wiki, and fan page.
The following resources will be used: Macromedia Flash, Internet and wikispaces.

Source Identification: Each team must conduct an Internet search and locate a minimum of 4 reputable websites, magazines, newspapers, journals, or any other source. You will be using these sources to obtain information on chosen topic. You want the most latest news articles and reports from reliable sources such as www.espn.com, www.nba.com, news.cnet.com/, or www.ew.com/ew. Create a link for each source in your team wiki.

Phase 2: Blog Radio Host Site, & Article Selection
Each team must create a blog to host your radio station, continue to work on your original logo designed in Macromedia Flash, and select articles that you will be using to create your episode. The following resources will be used: edublogs.org, Macromedia Flash, and Internet.

Deadline: Rubric must be printed with team member's names and turned into tray by Fri, 1-8
To invite Ms. Krasun as a subscriber to your blog and send articles use the following information:
blog username: wgwpradio email: ms.krasun@gmail.com

Phase 3: Script Writing
Deadline: Rubric must be printed with team member's names and turned into tray by Friday 1-15

Script Writing: Each team must write a script using Google Docs for each episode. Be sure to spell check, proofread, and practice reading your script before sending script to my e-mail: ms.krasun@gmail.com as an attachment for approval. Once your team gains approval, you may begin producing your episode.

Phase 4: Audio Production

Audio Production: Music/Sounds, recording, editing, and poll approval. 70% poll approval must be met before publishing your episode to your blog.
The following resources will be used: Audacity, wikispaces, freeplaymusic.com, polldaddy, and others.
Deadline: Rubric must be printed with team member's names and turned into tray by

Janay Dudley

Phase 5: Advertising

Advertising: Each team will use marketing strategies to develop an advertising campaign that will reach their target market. Each team must design/create 4 different types of advertisment that create a strong brand identity. Each team will present your ad campaign to the class and gain rubric approval before distribution. The goal for each team is to have the greatest amount of listeners.
The following resources may be used: edublogs, facebook, sitemeter, and others.

To add a sitemeter to count each time a listener enters your radio station you may use the following website: http://www.website-hit-counters.com/

Read the article located in the following website to help you plan your ad campaign: http://advertising.about.com/od/smallbusinesscampaigns/a/youradcampaign.htm

2011/2012 Crew

WGWP Radio
Graphic Designer, Chris Howard

Michael: Boxing 313 Radio
John & Tyler: MLB, Baseball Know It Alls
Micah & Lauren: R&B, Premier R&B Tyme
Bryan & Billy: Soccer, Free Kick Radio
DeSuan & Hadiya: TV shows, DanCody Show
Eli & Dalton: Biographies, Extraordinary Lives
Greg & Greg: NHL, Greg's NHL Time
Kristin: Movies, Movies in a Minute 103.2
Seth: Top 5, Top 5 at 5
Taylor & Alex: Comedy, Try Not to Laugh
Alex & Ryan: Cars, SpeedSpeak
Christian, Chris & Christian: NBA, C3 NBA Investigators
Morrie & Michael: News, WNLN

2010/2011 Crew

WGWP Radio

Graphic Designer/Journalist: Josh Walker
Graphic Designer: Brandon Walker

Romeo & Donte Cook Talk
Samone & Adrianna GossipGirls
Ashley RockZone
Justice, Shannon & Lauren TheInsideScoop
Thomas & Jalen Baseball Broadcasting
Jordan & Will JustHipHop313
Shatarra 96.7 RadioSoul
Chris & Alex Hockey Talk
JaJuan & Donny J&D University Station
Cliff Exclusive Stats
Adoray & Gerald Pros vs Joes
Shaneir & Jasmine TheRapAround

Leah & Corey LC Chillin
Terry & DeMario TheGuysRadio
Karmin & Tarisha Women's College Basketball
Madison & Robert TwinToons
Shawn & Ondria LightsCameraAction
Mark & Jonathan On Live Radio
Shanice & Dejah Exclusive Radio
Da'Jon & Fred NBA Scope
Ervin & Will Martial Arts Xpert
Tyrone & Stephanie POP Music
Jimel Get Fresh

2009/2010 Crew

WGWP Radio

Designer: Ms. Krasun
  1. Jake & Nico: Technology- ND&JT Radio Blog: Tech Talk Radio
  2. Matt & Malcolm: Extreme Sports- Matt & Malcolm Talk Radio Blog: M&M Talk Radio
  3. Raven & Akeya: High School Sports- AR Show Blog: Girls on Sports
  4. Eric & Calvin: R&B- Just Music Blog: Just Music
  5. Luke & Gjozef: Metro Detroit- City Streets Radio WXGL Blog: City Streets Radio WXGL
  6. J'La & Robin: Hip Hop- mastersof hiphop Blog: DSRJ Radio
  7. Daniel & Katie: Pop Music- ktanddansproject Blog: S17 Radio
  8. Arius & Cori: Food Television- Arius&Cori Blog: Food Talk Radio
  9. Liz & Ashley: Art- Art & Above Blog: Art & Above
  10. Desirea & Tiana: Country Music- The Country Life Blog:CountryGoneWild Radio
  11. Jalen & Jalen: NFL- Jalens On Deck Blog: The Best of NFL
  12. Ellis/Janay/Ashley: NBA- JEANews Blog: JEA News