Field Trip: The Palace of Auburn Hills & Sports/Entertainment Marketing

Questions created by HW students


Directions: Each student should have a unique question to ask the VP of Marketing during our presentation portion of our field trip to The Palace. After completing the Discussion Board, you should add your question in proper format along with your name.

Jake Trahan & Nico Deramo- I have heard rumors of the relocation of the Pistons from Auburn Hills to downtown Detroit. Are any of these rumors true? If so when is this plan set to take place? could any of these relocations rumors be because of the decrease of attendence in recent seasons?
Eric Curry & Arius Hogans- What was the biggest money making event ever held at the palace? What event brings in the greatest revenue to the palace?
Tianna Turner- How has the current economy affected your job as VP and/or ticket sales?
Ashley Sanders- Do you have a team of people that assist with advertising? If so, how many people are on that team?
Luke Strobl & Liz Garman- What percent of your total profit is from sponsorships? Who are the top companies that you sponsor?
J'la Devereaux- Are you involved in choosing the event that take place at the Palace? If so, what process is involved in deciding?
Gjozef Biblekaj- What event or person influenced you to go into this field of work as a sports marketer?
Robin Smith- I've been to both the Shock and Pistons basketball games, and I have noticed the Pistons games are more crowded than the Shocks games, is this the reason the Shocks were relcocated? If not, then why?

Ms. Krasun: Do you employ individuals to create and update social networking sites?

Taeler Curtin & Mariah Winston-What are your job responsibilities as VP of Marketing at the Palace? What is the most important responsibility you have as a VP of Marketing. Which responsibility do you enjoy the most?
Jannell Wimblery-What is the most important part of running the business?
Reggie Curry-How long have you been working at the Palace of Aubrun Hills? What was your previous job you held before coming to the Palace? To get to where you are now, do you have to go through tough obstacles?
Romeo Bravo-How much money is actually spent on Detoit Piston's advertisments?
Madeline Gbur-Which kind of events does the marketing department have to develop the most media for? With technogly being so important these days, are there new jobs opening up in the marketing department?
Ricky Winston-What type of marketing campaigns do you use to advertise the Pistons?
Marcell Seats-Do you think that more marketing jobs are being created for young college graduates now, due to the increase in technology use?
Emily Schmidt-How do you get performers to come to the Palace to perform, opposed to holding performances at a different venue? Recently, has the Palace, as a place of employment, had to lay-off any of its employees due to the economy?
Chelsey Powell-What strategies do you and your staff utilize to operate and/or communicate smoothly? Are you plannig on expanding and opening a 4th venue?
Monica Howell-How do you handle your business when dealing with foreign people who want to interact with your business? Such as money trade-offs, or like product trading? what types of new equiment have you recently put in the palace?
Jon Dixon: What marketing strategy do use to attract consumer to coming the Palace for different events throughout the state?
Jie Hemphill-What is the process that has to take place in order for you to get so many companies to sponsor you? How do you present your case to them? What are some strong strategies you use to do so? What are the new communication resources used in the marketing world today other than the internet and cell phones? Has this new technology increased your advertisement sales?
Lawrence: What kind of procedures do you go through to find new ways of getting more people to buy tickets?
Shakyra Williams: Technology plays an important role when it comes to marketing, what type of positions are available?
Sydnia F. If someone would like to get a job at The Palace what would their first step be to start the job application process?
Terah Handy: Has there ever been too many marketing employees?