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Nov 16 deadline

Redesign Plan

State Reform Legislation

Race to the Top School Reform:

Video: Watch at 11:05 in "If we don't get any money from the feds..."

The bill also specifies that any collective bargaining agreement entered into under the Act is subject to modification as provided in Section 1280c of the Revised School Code.

Require the plan to include an addendum to any collective bargaining agreements in effect for the school, to modify the agreements as necessary for the intervention model to be implemented.

House Bill 4788 amended the public employment relations Act to include the State School Reform/Redesign Officer or the chief educational officer of a public school or schools as the public school employer of employees at the school or schools for the purposes of collective bargaining.The bill also specifies that any collective bargaining agreement entered into under the Act is subject to modification as provided in Section 1280c of the Revised School Code.

Teacher Evaluation System; Compensation
Under the bill, with the involvement of teachers and school administrators, the board of a school district, ISD, or PSA must adopt and implement for all teachers and school administrators a rigorous, transparent, and fair performance evaluation system. The system must evaluate a teacher's or administrator's performance at least annually, while providing timely and constructive feedback.
The system also must establish clear approaches to measuring student growth and provide teachers and administrators with relevant data on student growth, and evaluate a teacher's or administrator's job performance using multiple rating categories that take into account data on student growth as a significant factor.
The system must use the evaluations to inform decisions regarding all of the following:
-- The effectiveness of teachers and administrators.
-- Promotion, retention, and development of teachers and administrators.
-- Whether to grant tenure or full certification, or both, to teacher and administrators.
-- Removing ineffective tenured and untenured teachers and administrators after they have had ample opportunities to improve.
Previously, the Code permitted a school district or ISD to implement and maintain a method of employee compensation based on job performance and accomplishments. The bill, instead, requires a school district, PSA, or ISD to implement a method of compensation for its teachers and school administrators that includes job performance and job accomplishments as a significant factor in determining compensation and additional compensation. The assessment of job performance must incorporate a rigorous, transparent, and fair evaluation system that evaluates a teacher's or administrator's performance at least in part based upon data on student growth as measured by assessments and other objective criteria.
If a collective bargaining agreement was in effect for teachers or school administrators of a district, ISD, or PSA, on the bill's effective date, and if that agreement prevents compliance with the requirements described above, then those requirements will not apply until after that collective bargaining agreement expires.

Instructional Supplies
The bill requires the board of a district or intermediate district to ensure that all teachers and principals working in its
schools and instructional programs have adequate access to basic instructional supplies, as defined by the MDE.
If a teacher or principal does not have adequate access to basic instructional supplies, he or she may file a claim with the Department, which must establish a telephone line and an on-line system for this purpose.
If the MDE receives a claim, it must notify the district. Within three business days, the district must provide the teacher or principal with adequate access to basic instructional supplies, or give the teacher or principal and the Department a plan for appropriate corrective action. If the MDE is not satisfied with the district's response, it may take corrective action.
In taking corrective action, the MDE may investigate and request clarification of the district's response. The Department also may withhold a portion of the total school aid funds due to the district and use that money to procure and make available an interim amount of basic instructional supplies for use by the teachers or principals in the district.
The board of a district or intermediate district must ensure that a teacher or principal who files a claim is not subject to any adverse treatment for doing so.

Cyber School
Under the State School Aid Act, the membership of a district, public school academy, or intermediate district is used to calculate school aid, and is based on the number of pupils who are enrolled and in regular daily attendance on the pupil membership count day and the supplemental count day.
The bill specifies that, for a school of excellence that is a cyber school, a pupil's participation in the cyber school's educational program is considered regular daily attendance.
The Act requires each district to provide a minimum number of days of pupil instruction, which is 165 in 2010-2011and 2011-2012 (but not less than the district provided in 2009-2010), and 170 beginning in 2012-2013. The bill exempts a cyber school from this requirement.

SIG Guidance-E Transformational

  • Funding may be revoked if approved plans are not followed through

  • In the Turnaround and Transformational models: New leadership is to be put in place at the school...no federal waivers

  • Up to 2 mil can be received over a 3 yr period

Transformational Model – Districts would address four specific areas: 1) developing teacher and school leader effectiveness, which includes replacing the principal who led the school prior to commencement of the transformational model; 2) implementing comprehensive instructional reform strategies; 3) extending learning and teacher planning time and creating community-oriented schools; and 4) providing operating flexibility and sustained support.


State school reform law?

Harper Woods Middle School is on this list??

28 schools that were awarded SIG
why are we not on the list? did we apply? did we meet the deadline of Aug 16?