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Starting your own business

Each team will brainstorm an idea to start a business and develop a business plan to be approved by mock investors. Once your business plan has been approved, your team will begin to operate your business here at school. Your market is the students, teachers, and parents at Harper Woods. Be sure to identify your target market, using demographics, geographics, and psychographics. To help you get started use the following websites to research your business and organize your business plan.

Links to help you get started:


Phase 1:Brand Identity, Work Space, and Resources
Deadline: Rubrics must be printed with team member's names and turned into tray by Tue, 1-12
To invite Ms. Krasun to your wiki use the following: ms.krasun@gmail.com
Resources: wikispaces, marketing textbook, and Internet

Logo designs must be original work. They can't be images copied from the Internet. You may use Macromedia Flash to create your logos.

Phase 2: Business Plan
Each team must develop a business plan presentation using PowerPoint 2007. Your presentation should provide an introduction to your team memebers, your business idea, and how you came up with your idea.

The business plans should include the following sections: Executive Summary , Situation Analysis, Objectives, Marketing Strategies, Implementation, and Evaluation & Control. Be sure to keep your presentation professional, organized, and choose themes/fonts/color/designs/animations wisely. You want to be consistent throughout your presentation. Your presentation must be approved by a panel of judges before you can open for business. Be creative, have fun, and good luck!

Deadline: Rubric must be printed with team member's names and turned into tray by
Business plan presentations will begin on
Resources: PowerPoint 2007, marketing textbook, and Internet